Empowering the use of green energy in Europe

Our purpose is to play an active role in the redistribution of green energy to where it is needed the most, thereby supporting the green transition throughout the markets we actively operate in. To accomplish that we are present at well-connected markets characterized by a large production of green energy through wind-, solar- and hydropower.

We operate on Intra-day and Day-ahead markets and our presence is supported by considerable amounts of data. Since the different energy sources seldomly produce energy in a consistent and concurrent manner, the need to move energy across borders and create a more balanced flow of sustainable energy is becoming still more relevant. The analysis of data helps us identify supply and demands, thereby enabling us to assist in balancing the market.
In order to make a difference in helping the markets and countries in Central West Europe and UK exploit the green energy even better we are bound to make use of the most complex and modern technologies. The number of transactions demands a particularly robust and scalable IT architecture. We work with highly skilled developers and partners to create the foundation of our business, always keeping track of new possibilities, developments and technological advantages.

Another yet critical part of our foundation is the algorithms that help us create the indications on which we base our trading. Every day we access enormous amounts of data and in order to assist society and the markets in optimizing the flow of energy. Our algorithms are based on our market knowledge and strong trading experience, and they are continuously improved and augmented by our accomplished team.
The need to create a more balanced flow of sustainable energy is becoming still more relevant in order to accelerate the green transition.

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