Balancing the
Making Helios Power Trading a successful business depends upon more than professional skills, knowledge and technology. Our values reflect our drive to develop professionally and personally, thereby reinforcing the strengths of our diversified team.

Dedicated and visionary
As committed industry professionals with substantial ambitions on behalf of our company and the green energy transition, our dedication to the Helios project is profound. Our standards and demands are high, and we strive to gather diversified individuals who by nature share our common vision, challenges the status quo and curiously explore new ways to optimize our trading capabilities and shape the energy market of tomorrow.
Cooperation and fellowship
Our continuous drive to develop our business requires a constant emphasis on teamwork, communication, knowledge sharing and trust. We have created a balanced rewarding setup that facilitates interdisciplinary cooperation across the value chain, common goals and common success – a synergy that ensures the individual team members influence on the further development of Helios Power Trading towards our common vision.

Holistic and balanced approach to life
In order to ensure long-term top performance and the ability to develop an ambitious business, we continuously strive to promote a holistic and balanced approach to life. The inability to strike this delicate balance intensifies the risk of compromising on everything else important in life and reduces ability to grow both individually and as a team. We value the ability to expand horizons both personally and professionally and find the holistic approach fundamental when assembling a team of highly skilled professionals.
We strive to gather diversified individuals who by nature share our common vision but challenges the status quo.

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